Célébrez le printemps avec des fleurs de saison

Après les teintes chaudes de l'hiver, il est bon de retrouver la fraîcheur de ces couleurs.

Créez votre propre printemps avec les fleurs de saison. C'est l'inspiration pour vous.

Fresh start

Create your own spring arrangement with spring flowers. You can smell the Hyacinthus and Syringa. The fresh green colour of Molucella is a nice spring touch.Details

Longing for spring with Narcissus

With the cold winter still there we can long for the first spring flowers to show them selfs. Create an instant spring feeling by using narcissus and ranunculus.Details

A spring bouquet: tease your senses

Cestrum (shape) a flower with character, that is mystical, sparkling and with an intense colour (looks). The combination with the scenting lilac (scent) makes this a spring bouquet that will ...Details

Little bells swaying in a soft spring breeze

Spring flowers to cherish as a precious gem, which evokes beautiful memories, of spring, of love... You do not want to let go of them. An arrangement with Fritillaria's is a joy to look at!Details